English Writing Workshop February 2023


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In the age of digital technology and social media, the ability to write effectively and concisely become much more important – not less important as previously though – compared to the previous era. Whether you are a student, academic, lecturer, business owner, civil servant, politician, NGO worker, or professional in various fields, you need to have the skill to write well to advance your education and career or cater to your customers as well as marketing your product, informing the public of your programs or simply branding your image. Regardless of the medium – poster, pamphlet, mainstream media such as newspaper, magazine and TV, or social media, like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook or even twitter – the one constant thing is the writing of the content.


This basic English writing workshop will provide the skills and knowledge to write a complete, concise, efficient and effective content to woo your target readers or public as a whole. This three-day workshop will guide you from the basic, word by word, sentence by sentence and paragraph by paragraph until it becomes one whole meaningful and impactful composition.


The editorial team of Omong-Omong Media, which include among others award-winning journalists and professional opinion writers, who have been writing for various English Language media inside and outside Indonesia, will guide and accompany you in the process.



  1. Finding Ideas
  2. Research
  3. Familiarization of words or diction
  4. Making sentences
  5. Forming paragraphs (introduction, argument, conclusion)
  6. Linking paragraphs and its logic
  7. Forming Composition
  8. Review and discussion

English Writing Workshop February 2023

Date: February 10, 11, 12  2023
Time: 7-9 PM Jakarta Time
Fee:  Rp. 500.000
Early Bird before January 30 Rp. 250.000



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