Exclusive Workshop: Shaping Public Opinion and Handling Crisis through Writing and Creative Content



A Training by OM Institute, Led by Okky Madasari, PhD and team

This certified training is designed to provide basic understanding for decision makers, public figures, politicians, business leaders, government officials, NGO executives, and professionals on issues and real problems within the society and provide skills to lead on those issues to serve their interests.

With a strong background of social science, research, journalism, public relations, storytelling and creative minds, OM Institute has developed a unique syllabus and conducted this kind of workshop for many institutions in Indonesia and abroad.


The 2 Day Training (16 hours) include:

  • What you have to know about today’s society
  • Basic knowledge on issues becoming global concerns and to be potentially causing crisis: environment, feminism, inclusivity, human rights, multiculturalism
  • Writing for the public: formulating ideas, applying approaches to build arguments, convincing people with valid arguments.
  • Storytelling: how to win people’s heart with captivating stories and narratives
  • Theories, case study, discussion, and practices
  • Writing for speeches/public speaking
  • Language of instruction: Bahasa Indonesia or English depending on needs


Investment: 4.7 million/person (special discount 10% off for institution sending more than 1 person)


Further information and registration

Mega: +62 813 3848 8368

Rey   : +62 851 5691 3935


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